About Jesse Kate Kramer

Jesse Kate Kramer

I grew up in dressing rooms and sitting on the carpeted stairs which line the aisles between the theatre seats. I played on the floor of my Mom's office while she was on the phone marketing the latest production and dressed up in discarded costumes with my sister and used the coffee table as our stage. I wasn't ever very excited by school, but enjoyed art, music, dancing and socialising.

I spent time after school studying fine art, branding, art direction, make-up and graphic design and landed my first job in London doing make-up and stage management in the theatre.

Over a few short years this hobby transformed into some work and as I've always worked independently, I juggled stage management, puppet making and photography for a while until I made the decision to try and only take on photography work, in an effort to keep my keyboard clean while running between painting props and re-touching photos.

I bounced around for a while on my journey to find what I wanted to do with my career and figured the best way to find out would be to keep exploring and doing things that I am curious about and bring me joy. By doing this, I continue learning and adding new skills that I can use when needed and it helps direct my career towards the things that I enjoy doing.

I love meeting new people, discovering new locations, helping to define a strong visual identity for performers and conceptualising an idea to tell a story in one image.

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